Whether you are looking for a powerful clinically based super treatment , a deep clean or a relaxing pamper to improve your skin and give you a real boost HDefine has a treatment with you in mind. Using the finest organic ranges, we have created a number of specific facial treatments to suit your skin's needs

Organics At Home 

is a fabulous blend of locally produced facial and body products to ensure your skin is treated to the best nature has to offer.

 Jo Hannington , company director says

We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are pure, simple and honest. They are all hand blended at our premises and not out sourced. We use only quality, ethically sourced ingredients, organic and local wherever possible from reliable and trusted growers. Our ingredients are certified by the Soil Association wherever possible and are non GM (Genetically Modified). We tell you exactly what's in our products..

At HDefine, we use these products to create a bespoke facial to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and drench your skin in botanical goodness. OrganicsAtHome facials start from £40 for a luxurious facial using Jo's wonderful range of products. 

Spa Find

Established for 40 years, this British company is a leading expert in the development of Dead Sea minerals. Best quality products , they too are vegan, organic and absolutely  gorgeous. At HDefine, we have created some truly exceptional facial treatments for you to enjoy

Spa Find Youthful You - Anti-ageing Facial           £55

This luxury anti-ageing facial uses a unique peel-off mask combining Dead Sea Mud and seaweed. It begins with a welcome massage followed by a facial, which brings immediate firming and hydrating results to the skin. Your face is then cocooned in the active ingredients of our specialised Algimud seaweed mask, formulated to refine, tone and produce instant results.  1 hour 15 minutes

Spa Find Perfect Purity Treatment Facial             £50

 This facial is used to combat oily, problematic skins, helping to reduce shine and balance oil production. This unique mineralizing facial mimics the deep cleansing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of the Dead Sea. Using a specialised ritual of Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Sand and purifying massage techniques, this treatment helps to  re-mineralize, soothe, oxygenate and  rebalance acne skin. 1 hour

Spa Find Natural Nourishment Facial                  £50

A hydrating facial, which is excellent for tired, dull and sallow skins and smokers. It begins with a welcome massage followed by a facial incorporating two mud masks to dramatically refine the skin’s texture and deeply relax you. Dead Sea black mud and Algimud Seaweed are used where needed to give immediate visible results. 1 hour 15 minutes

Spa Find Renewed Radiance Facial                       £45

This deeply hydrating facial is perfect for delicate , mature and dehydrated skins, helping to gently renew and revive skin. It begins with a welcome massage followed by a facial that naturally nourishes, hydrates and firms the skin. VMS Complex in the products used in this facial help to smooth fine lines and prevent further skin ageing by treating both the surface and deeper skin tissues. 1 hour

Spa Find Balanced Beauty Facial                          £45

A deep-cleansing facial perfect for those with an oily t-zone or combination skin.  This rebalancing facial is perfect for combination skin and for skin with varying needs. It begins with a welcome massage followed by a mineral mud mask, applied to deep cleanse the pores. The highly concentrated minerals used in this treatment normalise skin pH to reveal a healthy, clear complexion. 1 hour

HDefine also sells a range of take home Spa Find products  

Clinical Facials - Meso Therapy – Meso Revitilize

HDefine also offers Clinical facials which utilise Micro needling to drive specialist serums deep into the dermal layers. 

Meso Therapy uses a gentle needling technique to introduce hyaluronic acids and peptides into the skin, reducing wrinkles and stimulating collagen

  •   Helps prevent wrinkles  
  • Hydrates  
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles & dryness 
  •  Improves spot-prone skin  Improves the appearance of small scars
  •   Rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance
  •   Results in a glowing, smoother and healthier complexion

The procedure

1.      Firstly we cleanse the skin with specially designed products which work in harmony with the serums which will be used later on.

2.      Next, a powerful but gentle AHA peel is applied to the skin to prepare the top most surface where old, greasy and flaky skin cells can be found.

3.      Next our specially designed digital equipment is used to carefully move tiny needles to make microscopic channels in the dermis, triggering the body’s healing response to kick-start production of new collagen and elastin, plumping up the skin resulting in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin. Specially selected serums are placed into the Dermal / Epidermal junction where it can be absorbed to have the maximum beneficial effect.

4.      We then apply a mask, specifically selected for your skin type and give it time to be absorbed into the skin. 

o   During the process, active substances are working hard below the surface to promote collagen and elastin in the skin to give a glowing, smoother and healthier complexion

5.      To complete the treatment we apply an aftercare cream with an SPF of 30 to provide a bespoke barrier to protect your newly rejuvenated skin for the day ahead 

 What makes Meso Therapy so effective?

Most skin treatments use products which sit on the surface of the skin and less than 20% of these products will be absorbed. The visible skin damage happens below the surface of the skin and this is also where the repair takes place. The substances used in Meso Therapy are applied directly into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis and that is where the highly effective ingredients target and repair the cause of the visual surface skin problems.

Unlike most other treatments, it is a mechanised way to deliver active ingredients into the skin with minimal trauma and down time. The Meso plate has 18 needles and 13 small holes which gently perforate the skin at a depth of 0.2-0.3mm to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Just like other skin needling procedures, Meso Therapy causes a micro trauma to the skin in order to force it into a state of repair. The body recognises that the skin has been compromised and immediately sends repair tools to the area. This promotes collagen (the good types 1 and 3) and elastin in the skin.

Although there may be a visible difference immediately, the effects of collagen stimulation can take up to one month to make a difference to the appearance of the area.

Products and Prices

The Meso Re-Vitalize programme is recommended to commence with an intensive 8 sessions. It’s best to have these regularly every 10 – 14 days. Results can be maintained with a monthly session supported throughout by the use of cleansing, toning and aftercare products at home.

Individual Meso Therapy Sessions are £60 .